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SPAACSE Galaxy Music Scholarship

The Society of Performers, Artists, Athletes, and Celebrities for Space Exploration, Inc.,

is pleased to announce the

Second Annual $1000 Galaxy Music Scholarship.

Purpose: Sponsored by composer Jonn Serrie to encourage talented young musicians to pursue an interest in space music as a means of expressing the beauty and inspiration of our universe.

Application / Music Submissions POSTMARK Deadline: July 14, 2003

Eligibility: High School Graduating Seniors

Mail Completed Applications and Cassettes or CDs to: For Questions or Additional Information:
Galaxy Music Scholarship
2023 N. Atlantic Avenue # 233
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Call: 1- 321 - 452 -1559

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. ORIGINAL instrumental ambient space music composition. Only ONE entry may be submitted. Music should be recorded on either cassette or CD and clearly marked with composer's name. Music should be a length of 4-6 minutes.
  2. Enclosed scholarship application.
  3. Title of submitted music composition and description of space exploration theme (no longer than one page).
  4. Description of prior music and other activities and awards, as well as current educational / career goals.
  5. Letter on high school letterhead verifying Class of 2003 graduating status.


Jonn Serrie - Composer and Scholarship Sponsor

Jonn Serrie - Biography

We Invite You to Visit Jonn Serrie's Home Page!

"I aim for a certain depth, an experience of sound, that gives space for the listener to repose. My goal is to combine all the elements of space and flight and as a result, influence the heart, creating a weightless effect, a delicate backdrop to the soul." It is in keeping with this philosophy that has propelled Atlanta-based composer/producer Jonn Serrie to the forefront of the contemporary instrumental / space music field.

Serrie's imaginative playing and visionary compositional skills have revolutionized today's contemporary electronic music. He creates a unique approach to his work by combining the timelessness of space with the exhilaration of love within the sanctuary of our planet Earth.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Serrie cultivated a love of both music and aviation through his parents. Though he began playing piano at the age of seven, and within a few years was an organist for his local church, he considered a military option during the Vietnam period. He was torn between composing music and pursuing a career as a professional pilot. Choosing the former, Serrie began his musical direction demonstrating synthesizer technology for Electronic Music Laboratories, a Connecticut-based manufacturing and research facilty. "I was fortunate to have such an in-depth understanding of synthesis early in the development of electronic music production. It enabled me to see the future of this industry from a unique perspective."

Jonn's premier release, And the Stars Go With You is a foray into the depths of outer space. Over the years, it has become a classic space music recording, selling over two hundred thousand copies. Serrie was selected by the planetarium industry to compose the music for the Teacher in Space program of the mid-80's. Jonn created the album to honor the courageous individuals who perished on the program's inaugural mission. His music was specifically featured during the premier show at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord, New Hampshire.

For his latest release, Spirit Keepers , Serrie elected to create an album combining the ethereal world of space music with ancient Native American tribal music. The recording features Serrie on keyboards, narrator / flutist / percussionist John Winterhawk Johnson and the chanting percussion performances of Tom Bluewolf Goodman, both Creek Indian elders from the North Georgia Mountains.

Other titles include the adventurous Flightpath (1989), the sentimental Tingri (1990), two unique compilations of works from his various planetarium projects entitled Planetary Chronicles Volume 1 (1992) and Volume 2 (1994), sister albums around the theme of epic romance entitled Midsummer Century (1993) and Ixlandia (1995), and his enduring instrumental Christmas releases Upon a Midnight Clear (1997) and Yule Tides (2001).

Serrie's list of achievements and contributions is both diverse and esteemed. He was commissioned to compose the music for the world's first interactive domed theatre production utilizing the expertise of Lucasfilm and the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. His music has been heard in literally hundreds of planetariums worldwide including London, Munich, Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, South America and Australia.

Jonn's music was used for Expo and World's Fair exhibits for the past ten years, including Expo '92 in Seville for the Futures Pavilion where he received recognition for the best science exhibit for that event. Jonn has contributed music to the Discovery Channel's "Wings" series and many other projects for corporations around the world. His music continues to be in high demand. He composed a special commissioned work entitled "Into the Blue" for the Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Celebration dinner held July 16, 1999 at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Jonn currently records for Narada-Virgin Records with previous projects on the Unapix-Miramar label.

Serrie serves as a Director for Society of Performers, Artists, Athletes, and Celebrities for Space Exploration, (SPAACSE), Inc. and is currently sponsoring a $1000 SPAACSE music composition scholarship for high school seniors.

The music of Jonn Serrie embraces the expansiveness of space with the intelligent use of melody. He has made space understandable and the soul accessible. "My music exists to help us explore a sense of ourselves and our place in the universe."

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